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Logistics Compliance and Fleet Management Software

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed many of the flaws and vulnerabilities within the global logistics space. Our ability to seamlessly transport goods is dependent on using data driven software. Your logistics firm needs a system that can efficiently manage all aspects of your network simultaneously. Fleet management software is an essential to automating the management process while logistics compliance software keeps freight on the road. They both need to be managed with one agile system from an accessible interface.  

As the economy recovers from the devastation caused by the pandemic, the demand for trucking will continue to rise. Day-to-day operations can be optimised through data analytics and an automated system. Global trade is becoming increasingly complex, supply line disruptions in the UK will continue as we navigate a post-pandemic freight industry. 

Courio DSP software consists of an array of specialised features specifically developed to meet the needs of logistics companies. The software is designed to automate the management of drivers and vehicles while adhering to compliancy regulations.

Fleet Management Software

Courio developed a software to meet every need of a modern logistics firm in the UK. By enabling DSPs, our software runs multiples features simultaneously, allowing managers to operate their entire fleet under one user-friendly dashboard. We understand the frustration of overseeing multiple third-party apps while adhering to the demand of regulators, drivers, and clients. Courio gives fleet managers the perspective and data they need to automate their fleet and scale up production, all while staying MOT compliant.

Mobile App

The Courio platform gives fleet managers access to their logistics system anytime they have their smart phone. They are connected to drivers using the application, allowing them to send push notifications, seamlessly keeping them updated.  Schedule driver notifications in advance (daily, weekly, hourly) to optimise the workflow.

Fleet managers are able to request documents through push notification on the app. Drivers are more likely to send receipts and keep up with risk assessment and health and safety documentation if they can easily send using our platform. Documents and receipts are stored in the data base, giving fleet managers access to keep up with orders and compliancy.

Driver Profiles

Courio’s fleet management software gives managers access to an overview of all current drivers, highlighting their contact details and compliancy status. Easily access their background checks, onboarding, D&A, DVLA checks, and general info all within the Courio ecosystem.

We report data in real time, giving fleet managers the capacity to check if drivers are active or inactive. Allowing them to make sure their drivers are on schedule, not working outside their hours limit, and staying compliant.

Fleet managers are able to view if they are a delivery associate, owner, or HGV driver. Their insurance, home settlement, and HGV files are easily accessible and driver profiles can be manually modified by uploading additional documentation.

Courio’s software keeps track of routes completed by each driver and their weekly invoices. Accounts are easily managed by adding to the driver balance which enables the fleet manager to include any outstanding invoices or money owed to the driver. The Payment system automatically deducts, or adds, the amount from the weekly earnings by using a pre-defined percentage based on earnings.

Compliancy is built into the software. Our system automatically checks the entire profile, flagging any compliance issues such as invalid data or expired documents.  Fleet managers don’t have to manually check if their drivers are following compliancy regulations as long as their driver profiles are consistently updated.

Vehicle Booking

Courio allows fleet managers to easily book vehicle services, repairs, and MOTs within the system’s calendar. Competent fleet managers are able to set reminders as soon as they know a repair or MOT date to ensure an appointment is never missed.

Courio’s Logistics Compliant Software

According to data released from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, 50% of vans fail their MOT test check. Ensure that your entire fleet is active by managing all compliancy data with one platform. 

With Courio’s logistics compliant Software, fleet managers are able to track vehicle and driver data, documentation, and efficiently administer service appointments.

Compliance Check System

Courio allows fleet managers to easily check vehicle and driver data. The compliance system can run tests on different datasets ensuring your fleet is compliant and doesn’t have any outstanding issues.

Fleet Check (Tax/MOT Checker)

The vehicle assessment system built into Courio’s logistics compliant software enables individual or bulk compliance testing to determine if a vehicle has expired vehicle tax or MOT.

Breakdown History and Repairs

Downtime for a logistics firm leads to unfulfilled contracts and loss of revenue. Easily record vehicle breakdowns in the Courio system to ensure costs are kept to a minimum. Our system tracks a vehicles downtime to give the fleet manager an idea of what costs need to be recovered.

Driver and Vehicle Incidents

Incidents are an inevitable reality in the logistics industry. How they are managed is up to the firm. Accurately reporting and tracking incidents with a logistics software system gives the company the best opportunity to drive insurance costs down and raise safety awareness.

Monitoring claims efficiently send a message to insurer that a logistics firm is effectively managing their fleet’s risk.

Manage Your Fleet with Courio DSP Software

Keeping fleet compliant and on the road is the number one objective for a manager, the current status of the UK challenges with COVID-19 and supply lines within the EU has complicated the process. Operating a fleet without logistics software will slow down production and amplify easily avoidable compliancy issues.

Utilising a complete logistics system puts fleet managers in the best position for success. Courio ensures logistics firms can stay compliant by monitoring their fleet using data collection and intelligent software. Utilising technology is the only path to scaling a logistics company in the current economy. 

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