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Discover the power of Courio Logistics Software, equipped with a comprehensive array of specialised features meticulously crafted to cater to the unique requirements of logistics companies.

Our cutting-edge software is engineered to streamline driver and vehicle management, expediting the onboarding process while ensuring full compliance for your company. Rest assured, we are committed to constant development, regularly introducing new features and keeping abreast of the latest technologies to provide you with the most exceptional Logistics toolkit available.


Compliance Check System


Fleet Tax/Mot Checker

Driver Profiles

Fleet Manager

Mobile App

KPI Performance

Ticket Support System

On/Off Hire System

Automated GPS Tracker Reports


Driver Incidents

EU Settlement Status

Breakdown History & Repairs

Risk Assessments

Vehicle Booking System


Documents to Sign

Scheduling with automated deductions

Applicant Tracking System

Rostering System

Driver Profiles Demo Logistics

Driver Profiles

Through the driver profiles feature, you gain a comprehensive overview of all pertinent driver data, providing valuable insights into their compliance status. This includes identifying any missing or incorrect information in categories such as Onboarding, D&A, DVLA Checks, Background checks, and General Info.

Moreover, the functionality allows you to determine a driver’s current activity status (active or inactive), add credit notice charges, and conveniently attach relevant documents to their profile. By leveraging this tool, you can efficiently manage your drivers, ensuring they meet legal compliance standards and facilitating smoother operations and much more.

Fleet Manager

With our online fleet management system, you gain full control over your fleet, effortlessly tracking all contract lengths and end dates. Optimized for audits, booking services, and MOTs, our platform makes fleet management a seamless and efficient process.
Through collective fleet management, you can easily monitor active vehicles, their respective locations at various sites, and stay informed about any ongoing repair activities. Experience the convenience of streamlined fleet management with our comprehensive solution.

Fleet Management Courio Demo Logistic
Courio Ticket Support System Logistics

Ticket Support

Our ticket support system facilitates seamless communication between drivers and managers, ensuring swift resolution of any concerns or queries. With various departments like Payment, Fleet, and Technical, tickets are efficiently sorted and assigned to designated managers, streamlining the process.

Additionally, drivers can easily report invoice issues through a direct link on their invoices, automatically generating a ticket with the invoice reference as the subject. This feature provides a quick and efficient way to address invoice matters promptly, ensuring fast and efficient resolutions.

Vehicle Booking System

With our Vehicle Booking System, managing your fleet’s services, repairs, and MOTs becomes a breeze. Through the system calendar, you can easily schedule and track all bookings, ensuring your fleet remains in optimal condition.

The system comes equipped with automated email prompt reminders, sent a day or three before each scheduled service or MOT, leaving no room for oversights. This feature ensures that no important maintenance tasks are missed, allowing you to maintain the efficiency and reliability of your fleet with ease.

Courio Vehicle Booking System Logistics
Courio Rostering System Logistics

Rostering System

With our advanced Rostering System, you can efficiently plan ahead and gain a comprehensive overview of route assignments, days off, holidays, blow off, and rest days for your drivers.

The system provides you with the flexibility to individually allocate routes or days off, or you can opt for bulk allocations, significantly speeding up the scheduling process.

One of the system’s standout features is the integrated 7-day blocker, which serves as a proactive safeguard. It alerts you if any Delivery Associate is scheduled to work beyond legal working hours, ensuring compliance and preventing potential issues.

With this powerful Rostering System at your disposal, you can optimise your workforce management and ensure smooth and compliant operations.

Automated Payment System

Utilise our Mobile App’s seamless Clock In/Clock Out integration to effortlessly assign routes to drivers. Our payment system streamlines operations by automatically deducting Vehicle Rental & Insurance from driver earnings.

To ensure fair and transparent transactions, our system implements automatic percentage-based deductions from drivers’ negative balances, which are offset against their future earnings. Additionally, drivers can benefit from remuneration options, such as returns for overcharge.

Our payment system goes the extra mile by automatically assigning DPMO Bonuses, generating invoices on the drivers’ app and profiles, and sending out Push Notifications to notify them of newly available invoices.

For added convenience, we offer Multi-site Rate Card Payments, allowing for flexible payment options across multiple locations. Streamline your operations and optimise your driver management with our feature-rich platform.

Courio Route Allocation Payment System Logistics
Vehicle Inspection Form Courio

Vehicle Inspections

Through our vehicle inspection form, drivers and managers can easily report damages by simply highlighting the affected panels on the vehicle diagram.

This user-friendly form generates detailed profiles for each inspection, presenting images of the reported damages and additional information related to various panels and objects on the vehicle. With this valuable feature, you can maintain comprehensive track records of the vehicle’s condition over time, allowing for better monitoring and maintenance practices.

Courio Mobile App Development Logistics

Mobile App Features

  • Send/Receive Push Notifications
  • View Routes and assign availability
  • Receive Instant News & Announcements
  • Require daily forms to be submitted
  • Report any vehicle incidents/damages
  • Create and manage tickets and get support
  • View invoices and edit personal information
  • View and sign documents
  • Request signatures for documents
  • View and Acknowledge Risk Assessments